Weight distribution & Ball Mounts

Weight Distribution Hitches offer a safer solution to tow a trailer with excessive tongue weight. These hitches provide a more level ride while enhancing  vehicle steering, handling, and braking abilities. A weight distribution hitch coupled along with a sway control device will enhance your towing ability. Sway control devices help reduce sway and add driver confidence in heavy crosswinds and while traveling at highway speeds.

If your towing heavy loads and your vehicle requires more help than a weight distributing hitch, we also offer ride-rite overload airbags to assist your vehicles suspension. These systems can help level your load, enhance vehicle ride, boost load capacity and improve vehicle stability.

Weight Distribution Products:

Weight Distribution Weight Distribution

Ride-rite airbags:

  • Available for most Trucks & R.V.’s
  • Available with on-board gauge & compressor

Hitch Crafters offers a complete line of ball mounts to provide for safe & level towing with capacities up to 15,000 #. We also offer B & W adjustable ball mounts to accomodate various trailer tongue heights and multiple ball combinations.

Ball Mount Products:

3 Inch Ball for Gooseneck 3 Inch Ball for Gooseneck 3 Inch Ball for Gooseneck
Ball Hitch Ball Mount Drop Ball Mount Drop
Ball Mount Drop Ball Mount Drop Dual Ball Mount
Dual Ball Mount Two & Stow It

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